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We have just released C/C++test 2020.1

Mirek Posts: 141 admin

We have just released the C/C++test 2020.1!

The release introduces a collection of exciting functionalities. In between many other things, I’m very proud to announce:

Static analysis extension (plugin) for Visual Studio Code editor

Visual Studio Code extension enables static analysis capabilities of the Parasoft C/C++test Standard for the VS Code users. Static analysis can be performed on the project, folder, or file. Results are reported in the Problems view and closely integrated with the code editor. All that is needed to find problems in the code or achieve compliance is available for VS Code users with one click. You can install the C/C++test extension directly from the Marketplace

Full support for MISRA C 2012 Amendment 2

MISRA C 2012 Amendment 2 updates the coding standard for the C11 and C18. Parasoft C/C++test 2020.1 introduces the full support for this update. The update brings the collection of new checkers as well as updates for existing checkers. You can find more details here

Coverage Advisor for boosting unit testing productivity

Automatically performs an advanced code analysis to compute preconditions for function parameters, global variables, and external function calls required to execute a specific line of code. Coverage Advisor view presents a collection of solutions for the user-selected lines of code. Presented values can be used for creating new unit test cases. This functionality boosts the productivity of developers working on unit test cases to improve code coverage.

Requirements view in the IDE

Requirements view in the IDE allows users to import relevant information from the RMS and makes it available for the developers working on the unit test cases directly in the IDE. You can find more information on this blog

And many other enhancements, like:
Enhanced support for CMake and Docker
New compiler configurations
New checkers for the AUTOSAR C++ standard

For more details please check out our release blog