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How do I define the execution sequence of the test cases in a test suite?

nokoru Posts: 19

I need to run test cases in order. How do I do that? I have tried ordering the macros and the testcases in the testsuite source file but that didn't work.



  • DelRCross
    DelRCross Posts: 1

    I am having the same issue. I want to write tests such that the 1st test it sets up the module variables and conditions for the next test through the suite. In fact the module I am testing is a state machine and each test changes the variables to go to another state. I want to be able to test the next state with the next test in the suite in the right order. However It appears that Parasoft runs the test suite in alphabetical order of the test name instead of the order that the tests are written. For instance if I generate Parasoft C++ It automatically generates test names similar to the following in order: Test_sw_pwr_tap_read_1, Test_sw_pwr_tap_read_10, Test_sw_pwr_tap_read_2, .... Test_sw_pwr_tap_read_9. I rearrange the tests in the test suite c file generated so that they are in the order ...read_1, ...read_2, ...read_3, ..., ...read_9, and ...read_10 where ...read_10 is the last test that I want run in the suite. When running the test suite after reordering them Parasoft runs them in the alphabetical order to the test name: ...read_1, ...read_10, ...read_2, and etc.... Is there any way I can configure Parasoft to run the tests in the order that I want?