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Receiving "Make sure the binding is configured with the same version as the expected messages.The envelope version of the incoming message does not match that of the encoder" error when I point the service to virtual asset. Is there any configuration setting that needs to be done ?


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    In what context are you getting this error? How is your virtual asset setup and what transport are you using?

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    This looks like a Microsoft error message, like the kind you might get back from a .NET WCF service endpoint. The "envelope version" is referring to the SOAP version. Please verify you configured the expected SOAP version (1.1 vs 1.2). The SOAP envelope will use a different XML namespace depending on the configured SOAP version. If the service endpoint receives a SOAP envelope in the wrong namespace then it will return a fault message back with this kind of error.

    The "binding" mentioned in the message is referring to a particular configuration object that controls how messages are sent and consumed by both .NET WCF clients and services. The "bindings" between client and service must agree, like the SOAP envelope version configured in the binding. In contrast, both the SOAP Client and SOAP Message Responder tools have a UI option where you can configure the SOAP envelope version of the outgoing message. For example, look for "SOAP Version" on the Responder's Options tab.

    Are you seeing this when using a SOAP Client or SOAP Message Responder tool or are you using something else, like the ".NET Routing Service" for Virtualize?

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