Adding more header files to be analysed by extension (.gen).

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We are working with C/C++test Standard.

A prospect was able to analyse header files (.h) by providing -module switch.
(Feedback - not very intuitive to find this option in docs AND understand WHY "-module" would control the inclusions of headers into the analysis - but that is a separate discussion) .

So - they have some header files (*.gen) that don't seem to be analyzed. How do we let -module switch know to include those header files? Should it be done at .psrc files level? Should we use the -include option like this:
cpptestcli -module . -include *.gen ....
please let me know what is the recommended approach in this case. TIA.


  • piotrpiotr Posts: 35

    The following property controls 'header file extensions':

    Default value ('|' pipe-separated):

    To modify it:

    cpptestcli ... -property cpptest.testable.header.file.ext='h|gen|txt' ...

    You can also add the property to your file and then use in CLI:

    cpptestcli ... -settings ...

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