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Code composer studio unit tests fail to re-run

z_lwray Posts: 3


I have run into a problem using the embedded unit testing with c++ test.

The sequence of events is;

  • Write some unit tests
  • Run TI CCS v4+ tests
    [C/C++ test console output]
    Target running...
    Interrupt to abort . . .

  • ~50 seconds after starting
    [C/C++ test console output]
    SUCCESS: Halted at correct location

  • All is good, I then edit the code/tests.

  • Try re-run tests
    [C/C++ test console output]
    Target running...
    Interrupt to abort . . .

  • This stays like this forever (>5 minutes before manually stopping process).

I can't seem to re-run the tests - the only way of re-running the tests is to exit the Parasoft C/C++ test perspective and launch the debugger on my project. This performs a connection to the hardware, loads the projects executable and runs the program.
I then terminate that debug session and attempt to re-run the tests - Now the unit tests run.

Everytime I have to run the unit tests I have to perform this debug connection in my main project.
Am I missing a setting in my target configuration or something?
Any help with this would much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Code composer studio v8.0.0.00016
Device: TMS320F28075
Compiler: TI v18.1.1.LTS
Product: parasoft c++ test professional 10.4.2
debug probe: XDS200


  • z_lwray
    z_lwray Posts: 3

    Found the problem for anyone else who runs into this behaviour;
    A watchdog enabled in our custom "code start" assembly file (called before _c_init00, C- runtime initialisation function provided by TI) was tripping during the unit test execution.
    This caused the tests too never finish, therefore the programme never hit the end of execution break point.

    Made sure the watchdog wasn't enabled during unit testing and the problem has gone away.