Define Multiple Stub Callback Functions in a Single File?


I'm trying to use stubs with Dynamics Stubs Configuration enabled. All the stubs are created using "Create User Stub" option, and each are in Cpptest_Stub_(functionName).cpp files. The user manual stated that I should put Stub Callback functions in test suite files and define the stub logic there. However, instead of that method, I have all the Stub Callback functions with stub logic defined in a single file called functionCallbacks.cpp, and I include that file as a preprocessor directive in test suite files with #include <functionCallbacks.cpp> in public section.

Now, when I place functionCallbacks.cpp inside my source directory I can run unit tests without any issues. However, I want functionCallbacks.cpp to be inside the directory with all the test suite files but when I do that, Parasoft gives me a linker error stating "No such file or directory". I've played around with "Use symbols from additional project files:" and "Use extra symbols from files found in:" in the Symbols tab in Execution > Test Configurations of Run Unit Tests but I still can't seem to make it work. Does anyone know how/have any ideas on how to achieve this?

Thank you in advance.

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