Collect Stub Information Fails To Find Identifier

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I am using Parasofts C/C++ Test in an embedded environment;

  • IDE: Code Composer Studio v8.2.0.00007
  • Device: TMS320f28075
  • Compiler: ti-cgt-c2000_18.1.3.LTS
  • Product: Parasoft C/C++ Test Professional 10.4.2

Whilst trying to run the built in "Collect Stub Information" operation Parasoft cannot find certain identifier definitions defined outside the project directory;
One of the errors is:

C/C++test analysis errors in /motor_controller/stubs/autogenerated/auto_a4bee246.c
1. Test execution: error preparing instrumentation / symbols data for file.
"X:\Library\TI Library\C2000Ware_2_00_00_02\device_support\f2807x\common\include\F2807x_GlobalPrototypes.h", line 58: error: identifier "Uint16" is undefined
extern void InitECap1Gpio(Uint16 pin);

There are 100 of these errors repeated for different functions, so I haven't provide the full console output.

The definition of "Uint16" is in a file "F2807x_device.h" which is in the same directory as the file where the missing identifier error appears (a shared network location). So it seems the software is aware of the directory but isn't seeing the definition.

How do I provide the identifier definition?

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