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Displaying Code Coverage Results on Jenkins

kmazotti Posts: 1

I've been trying to visually display code coverage results on Jenkins but can't seem to find a way to do it with the Parasoft Findings plugin. Currently I can only graph the number of tests that have passed/failed but I would like to have a visual of the coverage percentages. This is the plugin I've been trying to use
(step([$class: 'XUnitBuilder', tools: [[$class: 'ParasoftType', pattern: '']]])))
I would like to display them in a similar way to what Cobertura does, but Cobertura does not accept the .xml file that Parasoft produces. (Probably because Cobertura is for Java and JUnit tests).

This is what I would like my Jenkins to display:

But currently it displays something more like this:

Is there a way to do this with the parasoft plugin for Jenkins, or does anyone know of a way to convert my .xml so that Cobertura can read it?



  • simon2k
    simon2k Posts: 3

    Hey guys,
    got the same problem in here!
    Is there a solution yet?