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Excel datasource defined in parent suite, values are not getting through in reference suite

doubledee Posts: 1


We have several reference suites that use a data-driven approach with an Excel datasource defined in the parent test suite. I had to change one of the reference suites (add a new SQL query somewhere), but now the values of the datasource (of the parent suite) are not detected anymore (errors in the ), but only in the DB Tool that I changed. Any ideas?


  • dgoedh
    dgoedh Posts: 63

    As a principle the Reference test suites (children) will follow the changes made in the parent where it is derived from. Regarding the data source to be unique for the children it is best to attach these to them, instead of the parent suite. Changes in a reference test suite will not last until it is refreshed from the parent (double clicking the brown suitecase or reloading the project). So it is best to only change the parent (sql statements etc.) instead of the children and have separate datasources per reference if you need independent data driven behaviour. Hope this works for you.