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Hi Team,

Can we dynamically change our soap request based on datasource value.
We have a column in datasource having value as 3 ,so I want to add a block of elements 3 times. If my column value is 2, then I need to add the elements 2 times dynamically based on the value of the datsource. Can we change the request like this? Is there any provision in Parasoft? Kindly help.

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    There are various ways to add occurrences of elements dynamically based on data sources. However, it works differently than the way you are asking. There a couple different ways, one using Excel sheets and another approach using Data Repository data source. Here are some relevant sections of the user documentation:
    Parameterizing Arrays of Varying Size
    Working with Large Hierarchical Data Sets > Consuming the Data in Tools

    There is also an approach where you can replace an element completely with the content of a data source column, which is sometimes used to replace a placeholder element with one or more elements in a data source cell. The option is called "Replace with Data Source Value". It is available in the right-click menu in Form Input for XML and I think is also available in Form JSON as well.

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