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How can I easily get the missing data between two builds in DTP.

maciekg Posts: 19 ✭✭

I have missing some data between two builds. Using widget "Recent Builds" I have general overview that 2 less test inputs and 6 less coverage inputs. But could I quickly get info - which runs (sessions) are missing and from which machines ?
regards Maciek


  • Janusz
    Janusz Posts: 17

    Hi Maciek,
    You can drill down into each of these 2 builds in separate web browser tab,
    it will open "Build Audit Report"
    scroll to the bottom of this report - there is "Runs" table,
    you can sort this table by e.g. second column "Run Configuration ID"
    and manually/visually compare the 2 builds sorted tables in 2 web browser tabs.

    thank you,