Error during parsing file (C++ static analysis)

epokepok Posts: 3

Hello, this is my scenario:

  • Windows 7 platform
  • Parasoft C/C++ 9.6 Eclipse IDE
  • g++ inside Cygwin installation
  • Static analysis on C++ code (this code is compiled and executed on Linux platform)

After run a CRules static analysis I got the following errors: size_t undefined, nullptr undefined, __int28 undefined and so on pointing to include files of Cygwin.

Can you help me?


  • epokepok Posts: 3

    Update: if i try to compile the source file in the windows prompt, it performs successfully the compilation. It seems that Parasoft does not load properly some kind of configuration of g++.

  • epokepok Posts: 3

    Parasoft C/C++ 9.6 Eclipse IDE
    g++ 7.4.0 inside Cygwin installation

    Maybe g++ version is not compatible with Parasoft C/C++ 9.6 since latter supports g++ version until 5.x on 64-bit platform.

  • Hi @epok,

    If you are using compiler version 7.4, then definitely upgrade to newer version of C/C++test is needed. C++etst 9.6 is from around 2015 so it well pre-dates GNU GCC 7. We have just released 10.4.3 version a few weeks ago, and it supports GNU GCC up to and including 9.x.

    Also, it is important to properly configure which compiler family is set for your C/C++test project. This is done in Project properties> Parasoft> C++test> Build Settings> Compiler. You need to select the correct compiler version (7.x in your case), but also note that there are separate compiler configurations for 32- and 64-bit compilers, so make sure to select the correct one - either "GNU GCC 7.x" or "GNU GCC 7.x (x86-64)".

    Anyway, given your environment, the first thing to do is again to upgrade C/C++test to the latest one.

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