Query related to concatenating a data bank value and text data bank value and passing it as a Url

kmittalkmittal Posts: 4

My test structure is like that
Test1- Rest api call with few query parameter.One query parameter contains a Url. I have collected all the values of query parameters in Rest Url Data bank
Test2- Rest api call and response is a session key in text string format, which I have collected in text data bank
Test3 - Rest api call again( but url is the query parameter value from Test 1 request, which I have collected is rest Url data bank)
In test 3 Rest api call, I have to pass a query parameter session key from Test 2

when I parametrize the url , it does not give me the option to enter the query parameter.

My problem is here, how to concatenate the url and query parameter in test 3. I think I will need to do scripting. can you suggest me how to do scripting for this in jython



  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 739 admin

    Switch to Fixed and then use variables to concatenate - something like "${url}?${query}".

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