Where can i see the result of Groovy script in Parasoft SoaTest after evaluation

santosh1santosh1 Posts: 2

I am new to parasoft tool and was trying out some scripting. i want to know where can i see the result of groovy script in parasoft soa tool


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 730 admin

    Are you defining your groovy script in an Extension Tool or in a Scripted element in a different tool? What "result" would you like to see from your Groovy script? If the script fails in some way, the tool that runs it will report an error in SOAtest. If the script doesn't fail but you want to debug what the script is doing, you can use the SOAtest API com.parasoft.api.Application.showMessage(String) to print messages that you can see to the SOAtest console.

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