Parasoft C++test and WindRiver integration


I have a one lisence for C++test. I use DS5 Eclipse IDE and Workbench 4 IDE on the same machine. I integrated with DS5 Eclipse with C++test via C++test professional eclipse plugin exe. And I want to rerun this exe it says that remove all or repair it means that this eclipse plugin just integrates with only one eclipse IDE. Why this occurs? Because of this case I try to integrate Parasoft C++test to Workbench IDE with Windriver workbench installation option from toolbar of workbench 4 IDE and I added parasoft to IDE via adding plugin offered by Workbench IDE. I setted lisence Parasoft which integrated with workbench and ıt said lisence ok. But When I run for example recommended rules in Workbench IDE it did not affected that is no static analysis process started. I added to this discussion some screenshots about plugin process and static analysis process for Workbench IDE. How can I run static analysis or unit test on Workbench IDE?


  • Hi @fatmanur61,

    Once C/C++test Professional Eclipse Plugin installation will only be able to plug into a single Eclipse.

    As of the WindRiver plugin that you installed, there are a few questions:

    • Do you see Parasoft menu in WRWB IDE?
    • If not, perhaps you need to switch to Parasoft C/C++test Perspective.
    • In the Properties of a project I do not see Parasoft section at all. Is the project you are working with a C project that compiles and builds correctly?
    • When you run analysis, are there any messages printed to the WRWB Console window? We would need the output to tell more.
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    Hi Bogdan,

    Yes I see parasoft menu on toolbar of WRWB but when I right clicked to project properties parasoft does not seen. Do I need to change perspective for this case? How can I do it? Yes our project run successfully and getting successful build. When I run analysis Console says that attached screen shot. Why it ask ne bdf, bdf is compolsory?

  • fatmanur61fatmanur61 Posts: 82

    Hi Bogdan,

    I solved the problem read the doc of this link then I applied the process according to this doc and I run static analysis successfully.

    Thanks for your support.

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