SOAtest and Virtualize 9.10.8 are now available

The latest releases of Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize, and CTP are out!

There's a bunch of new features including:

Test impact analysis for API testing

  • You can now leverage test impact analysis (TIA) functionality for API tests in SOAtest. Designed for use in your automated test execution environment, TIA analyzes the coverage data for your application under test and identifies the tests that have been affected by changes to the application. SOAtest then uses the TIA output to execute only the subset of tests affected by changes.

Support for Salesforce Lightning in the API test generator

  • The SOAtest Smart API test generator can now quickly create API tests from browser interactions for applications created on the Salesforce Lightning platform. Salesforce lightning is difficult to test and even more difficult to shift that testing left. We now have the ability to monitor Salesforce UI interactions and pull API test scenarios leveraging our AI engine.

Enhanced CRUD tooling for Virtual services

  • CRUD or “Stateful” virtualization just got easier. You can now edit JSON payloads using the Form JSON editor in the native CRUD tool. What does that mean? It means we have a fancy new UI that makes it much easier to build and manage complex behavior against complex response payloads

Plus loads of customer feedback

You can read all about the release in this release blog:

Or check out the release notes here:

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