Environment variable in Database Data Source SQL query

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I would like to know if an environment variable can actually be used in Database Data Source SQL query.I tried the below options & they did not seem to work. Any help would really be appreciated. I have a bunch of tests written already using the database data source already & I I would like to know if it is possible to use environment variable in database datasource instead of using a db tool

select * from ${db_schema}
select * from ${soa_env:db_schema}


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    In data sources, you need to use the soa_env prefix to reference environment variables. For example, ${soa_env:Variable}. See https://docs.parasoft.com/display/SOAVIRT9107CTP313/Configuring+Testing+in+Different+Environments#ConfiguringTestinginDifferentEnvironments-UsingEnvironmentVariablesinTests

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    Thank you so much!! I tried using the soa_env prefix in database datasource query but it did not work. I defined an Environment variable with Name db_schema & Value mytable.

    Select * from mytable works but Select * from ${soa_env:db_schema} does not seem to work. On clicking Show columns error message "Can not execute query." is displayed

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    @apitester @jakubiak Anyone have a solution? I have the exact same problem. I am using Soatest 9.9.

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    I think you are looking for a local environment variable within your tst. If so, you can use this.

    import com.parasoft.api.*
    import java.lang.*
    import java.util.*
    import soaptest.api.*

    public String getDSVariable(input, ScriptingContext context)
    envDS = context.getEnvironmentVariableValue("dataSourceEnv")
    Application.showMessage("envDS: " + envDS)

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    Thanks for the answer @goofy78270. Please note that I am not using an extension tool for scripting. I was unable to use a environment variable in Database Data Source SQL query. @jakubiak, ${soa_env:Variable} did not work within Database Data Source SQL query unfortunately.

    Any other suggestions would really help!!

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    I just tried it myself and it works. I added an environment variable to a new environment in my .tst file, and then I referenced the variable simplying using the syntax ${varName}. And it just works. So there may be something specific to your environment going on? You may want to consider reaching out to Parasoft support directly.

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    thank you so much @jakubiak...I will try reaching out to Parasoft support directly

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