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anyone know of a plugin for intellij that will make use of jtest?

otherwise loading up the eclipse + jtest bundle just for the purposes of using jtest is a bit of a gig of ram and using 600 meg of swapspace (ouch!) jboss and squrrielSQL don't help matters.

other option I guess I have is to get really comfortable with the commandline interface...

[edit] I are a gud speler


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    Hello perendengue,

    Command line interface will not save much ram usage

    the best thing to do would be to set up linked source folders and open the separate eclipse/jtest gui

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    Hi, I would also suggest to defer the machine intensive work to when you're not at the computer. For example, just do coding standards while at the machine but use jtest schedule (In Jtest Prefs > Jtest > Scheduled Testing) to set the computer to work while you are away.

    We do the generation mostly at night, and run coding standards and execution during the day.
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    that is a good idea, thanks

    could I get a linky for documentation on the commandline interface? I don't see anything in the dist itself and not seeing any on the website..
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    go to Help contents in the Help menu.
    search for 'jtestcli' and you will see documentations.

    I would create a batch file and use the schedule tasks from Windows if you want to test using the commandline mode.

    using the Jtest GUI scheduled testing is easy way to do it as well.
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