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How to run Selenium tests with Selenic java agent and analyzer from IntelliJ IDE

grigor Posts: 1
edited October 2019 in Selenic

If you are using Eclipse IDE then you can install Selenic directly to your Eclipse as a plugin and leverage all features that Selenic provides, but if you are using other IDE you have to manually create run configurations for Selenic.
In this post I will show how to configure IntelliJ.
Create a Junit run configuration for your selenium test and add a VM argument to your installed Selenic javaagent jar.

Now you can run selenium tests from your IDE with Selenic java agent.

Now that I have run my tests and captured data I want to run the Selenic analyzer to generate a report about what was failed and what was healed by enabling selfHealing option. The report will show which locator failed and how it was healed during test run.
For analyzing captured data by Selenic analyzer from your IDE you need to create an external tool configuration.
From your IDE go to File->Settings->Tools->External Tools and create a new External Tool configuration.
In a Program specify a path to the java executable and in Arguments type -jar /path-to/selenic_analyzer.jar

Run the analyzer from Tools->External Tools->SelenicAnalyzer
After running you will see generated reports in working directory, by default the analyzer will look for recorded data in /home/user/parasoft/recorded-data folder.

And finally here is the generated report with all detailed information.