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Do I need SOAtest for API testing?

yshi Posts: 2
edited October 2019 in Selenic

Parasoft Recorder is a Chrome extension which is included in Selenic and enables you to capture UI actions to create Selenium tests. It can also capture API traffic and saves the data in a format that Parasoft SOAtest can use to test.

In order to do that, SOAtest connection configuration and SOAtest Web Proxy installation on the local machine are required.

Simply right-click the Parasoft icon and choose "Options" or click "Options" link on chrome://extensions homepage to open the configuration settings.

With valid configuration, you are ready to start your journey of API testing with Parasoft Recorder.

For more details please check the documentation for Parasoft Recorder:

Notes: a valid license is required to use the API test generation features in SOAtest. Contact your Parasoft representative for complete licensing information.