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SOAtest : DB Tool passing extracted values using XML Data bank to other queries in specific format

ssawale Posts: 3
edited September 2019 in SOAtest

I am using DB tool with Results as XML -> XML Data Bank, it returns many rows as a result and I want all values of say nth field as input to succeeding queries in test scenario workflow. Is there any simplistic way to do this?

For example first query select * returns few rows with fields say f1,f2....fn, I want all values for field say f3 to do some processing and then delete these values from another table so to delete call I need to pass values as delete from < table> where field IN { all f3 values in the format 'v1', 'v2' , ..........'vn' } Here v1 is first value for field f3 and so on.

This looks pretty trivial while dealing with SQL queries in SOAtest as passing output of one to other but I didn't find it in documents or forum post with some example that works.

Thank you!