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Parasoft Jtest 10.4.3 (M2) Milestone Build Available

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We are happy to announce that the public milestones for Jtest 10.4.3 (M2) is available on the customer portal this week.

Official GA of 10.4.3 is planned for Monday November 18th, in the meantime please see below for the highlights of this milestones.

The main focus of this milestone is JUnit 5 support, please comment on this thread if you currently or planning to use JUnit 5.

  • JUnit5 Support

    • Creation, executions and recommendations for JUnit 5 tests
    • Mockito support (NOTE: PowerMock does not support JUnit 5)
    • MVN and Gradle integration (Note: no support for JUnit 5 with Ant currently planned)
    • Updates to existing JUnit rules (i.e. from JUnit 3 and 4)
    • Still to come:
      • More JUnit 5 static analysis rules
      • Test Impact Analysis support
      • Parameterized test creation
      • Spring support
      • Support for additional JUnit 5 constructs (test names, nested tests, extras)
  • Advanced unit test creation (leveraging flow analysis data to create better unit tests and/or increase coverage)

    • “test this code” option to help developers create new unit tests to exercise a specific block of code
    • Still more to come in GA ...
  • Support for additional Metric (Number of Method Calls in Method)

  • Support for CWE 3.3