Test Suite Generated From Traffic File - Missing VirtualAsset Context

I am successfully generating a virtual asset and a test suite from a traffic file using the REST API. When I execute the test suite, the tests fail because all of the tests are pointing directly at the URI's as they are listed in the traffic file e.g. /customer/doSomthing In order for the tests to succeed, I believe they should be including the /context of the virtual asset. e.g. /myVirtualAsset/customer/doSomething

Is there a way to execute the test suite so that it knows to include the /context of the virtual asset?




  • williammccuskerwilliammccusker Posts: 306 ✭✭

    Typically when a test suite is created from traffic it will create an environment variable that is used to control the URI the tests are using. Can you take a look and see if you test created an environment and if so if updating it for the path of the asset you created works?
    Also you should be able to deploy the virtual asset to the original path rather than having a context path segment. Would that work for your case?

  • jefftuckerbofajefftuckerbofa Posts: 37

    There's no Environment in the Test Suite, but I suspect that I am just sending over a bare bones request when I generate it. I see some references to environment and config in the REST API, however I am not sure what values to send.

    I will look at the deployment options to see if that works. Thanks for the quick reply.


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