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how can i run unit test on xillinx SDk ?

sunboy Posts: 4

hi ,
i want to generate and run unit test on a target based on Zynq 7000 chip(Zybo) with xillinx SDk tools. I know that this platform is not supported by parasoft c++ test by default, but i want to know how i can do it.please hep me.
thanks a lot.


  • ThomasBrown

    Dear sunboy,

    At the present, It is not supported by C++test.
    It might be added in the next releases of the product.
    I'm not sure whether it is possible to use the generic target settings for your purpose or not. In my opinion, it is not currently possible.


  • [Deleted User]

    The question is not so much does C++test support UT using Xylinx IDE, but can the Xylinx IDE and your target environment support C++test UT. What are your target connections and resources? How do you get your executable on the target and start it running? How do you currently debug your application on the target?
    C++test can build a UT test executable and can import the results, But, we need to get the test executable on the target, run it, and have a channel to get the test and coverage log files back to the host.

  • rankeney
    rankeney Posts: 1

    I think the Xilinx SDK is supported via the Eclipse plugin. I've been using it successfully for some time.