Error - An error occurred and the suite could not be created.

jefftuckerbofajefftuckerbofa Posts: 25

Creating a VirtualAsset from a traffic file. Getting the following error when I use a traffic file generated manually:
Error - An error occurred and the suite could not be created. At least one group with matching messages must be defined before proceeding
Compare shows the files match perfectly. Ii checked encoding and linefeeds. Match.

When parsing a traffic file, what does Virtualize use to match request/response messages? From the docs it looks like it is simply the order:

HTTP Request1 Headers

HTTP Request1 Body

HTTP Response1 Headers

HTTP Response1 Body

HTTP Request2 Headers

HTTP Request2 Body

HTTP Response2 Headers

HTTP Response2 Body

It doesn't seem to pair up in my case. Is there some utility to validate a traffic file generated outside of Virtualize? Is there a traffic viewer that will allow me to open my traffic file to see if it displays correctly?



  • VirtualUserVirtualUser Posts: 9

    Hi, you can review how the messages were processed in the "Message Grouping Review" step of the Traffic Wizard. The view shows groups, processed pairs, invalid pairs, etc.

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