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Unable to correlate the responder with all the data rows returned from DB results

tamilselvi86 Posts: 7

With respect to Responders, I'm adding a DB tool as output and querying the results and storing in XML data bank. The query returns multiple rows of data, but the responder is able to pick only 1 row of data. Please help me a solution on how to correlate with multiple rows of data from DB results.

Step 1 – Created Responders
Step 2 – Add Output - Added a XML data bank for the above created responders to pick the "PartyId" from the Input request and saved it to Datasource column. (Don’t see writable data source in virtualize, so couldn’t use it.)
Step 3 – Add Output - Added DB Tool based on incoming request, connected/ queried and saving the results to XML data bank. (Note – Parameterizing the PartyID in the query to get results at run time)
Step 4 – Parameterized the saved fields from Step 3 to the responder response.
Step 5 – Executed a test locally to hit the responders
Step 6 – Test was successfully and the responder was able pull the DB results saved in Data bank and reply.
Step 7 – Limitation – At this moment, its able to pick only one row of data but i need to send an array of data in the response with all the transactions returned as part of the DB results.

When we use data from excel or table DataSource, we correlate using the data source correlation which I'm not able to do here as there is no data source.

Please help on how to get all the rows of data to responder and respond accordingly!

attached screenshots.