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Can Loadtest CLI be executed without saving reports?

brawal Posts: 26

Loadtest is taking too much time to save the reports. My requirement not to save the report and launch the multiple batches sequentially back to back without saving any reports. Therefore, i do not want to pass an argument not to save the report . Would it work ?

Thanks in advance for your support.


  • Sergei
    Sergei Posts: 34

    You can minimize report saving time by minimizing the amount of data that is stored in the report. Select the Scenarios node and uncheck everything in the Report Settings tab of the configuration panel. See the following section of the Load Test docs: -> Preselecting Detailed Report Options

    If this is not fast enough and if you are running in command line mode and you save all reports like the following:

    loadtest -minutes ${minutes} -allReports

    then try using the -html option instead to save only the html reports instead of all (html, xml, binary) reports:

    loadtest -minutes ${minutes} -html

    See the following section of the docs for command reference: -> Load Test Script Commands

  • brawal
    brawal Posts: 26

    Thank you Sergei.

    Saving reports are taking longer time. therefore,I do not want to save any report at all.

    loadtest -minutes ${minutes} ${scenario}

    Will above mentioned command work without saving report?


  • Sergei
    Sergei Posts: 34

    If you don't specify any report options, Load Test will save a binary report in a default loadtest_report.rpt in the current directory.

    Also I need to correct my previous answer: running with the following command:
    loadtest -minutes ${minutes} -html will cause Load Test to write an HTML report in addition to the binary report. Because this command line does not specify a binary report location, Load Test will save binary report in a default loadtest_report.rpt in a current directory.

    If you unselect all report options [ Record Graphs, Record Individual Hits and Record Individual Hit Details ] from the Report Settings tab, as I previously recommended, I expect that the time spent in writing the report should be minimal and compatible or most likely less than the time it takes to restart a Load Test for a new run.

    If your performance testing requires no delay or gap between load test runs I recommend configuring your load test scenario with different profiles (A, B, C etc.) and assigning profile weights according to the performance testing requirement you have.