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Explanation/index of log files

EdwardManlove Posts: 6

Could someone point me to the documentation that outlines which log files contain what information on a system running SOAtest and Virtualize with CTP? I am debugging some issues and at this time just randomly or best guessing which logs files I should be looking at. Hoping to find something that says "catalina log files contain ... while localohost* shows ...."

Thanks for the help.


  • Matt Love
    Matt Love Posts: 87 admin

    Typically the tomcat/logs/catalina.${date}.log file will contain application logging info and the tomcat/logs/localhost.${date}.log file will contain error logging if a web application failed to start up. More documentation on how to configure Tomcat logging is available at

    If there is a specific SOAtest, Virtualize, or CTP issue that you are trying to debug I recommend that you contact [email protected].