Close/Stop External Tool after TST is complete without killing all similar processes

goofy78270goofy78270 Posts: 68

While I can run an external tool in a setup test of a TST, I was wondering if there was an internal reference to the service/process id, or other mechanism, in which I could pass a kill or stop command to.

ie...I start a batch file to enable an SSH connection before running the tests within a tst. after the tst is complete, I want to kill the ssh connection or command prompt.

I was looking to do this gracefully, based on process id or such, for the instance that was open in case future tsts, that are run in parallel within CTP or possibly by other applications, rather than having to kill all cmd processes.

Is there such a reference when an external tool is utilized?

This is not specific to CMD prompts, but that is the initial request. Other applications like Excel, Adobe Reader, custom tools, and more could have the same need depending on the tst.


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