Remote connections to C++Test and running multiple instances of it by the same user

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Dear Sir/Madam

I have installed a C++Test on a Windows server. I have one network license (1 licensed token) for this product. Please consider the following scenario: We have configured the windows server to permit multiple remote-connections to it by the same user name but with different sessions. Now, we connect remotely to C++Test (on the windows server) from different clients by the same user name. We are forced to have different eclipse workstations, which is no major issue. It seems that it is possible to have multiple remote instances of C++Test for different testers (remote-connecting to C++Test with the same user name).
Does this violate the concept of license tokens limit?
Moreover,is such usages of C++Test legal?
In fact, it is not clear for us that the concept of token is based on just number of different user names (e.g. 5 users) or combination of users and sessions (e.g. 1 user with 5 different sessions).
It seems that you should resolve this problem by checking the process id's of the remotely-connected C++Test instances and not just by checking the user name, otherwise by having just 1 token, multiple connections to the product will be possible.



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    Some test tools such as Ranorex has prevented this problem by checking the process id's.

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