Using Insure++ with CGI programs

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There are three issues to consider when using Insure++ with CGI programs:
* Shared libraries
* The .psrc file (and license information)
* Output and banners

===Shared Libraries===

Where does the exe find shared libraries?

If you are running the program on the same machine it was compiled on, there are no problems. If you are running the program on a different machine, follow the instructions provided in -> Insure++ -> Tips -> To build on 1 machine run on another.

===The .psrc File and License Information===

Where does the exe find the .psrc file (and a license)?

To ensure that the .psrc file and license are found, place the .psrc file into the directory where cgi-bin executes.

===Output and Banners===
How do you view output?

The easiest way to view results is to use the " insure++.report_file stderr" configuration option, then look for Insure++ messages in the server error logs. If you are using Insra, you must have DISPLAY in the httpd environment. The " insure++.report_file stdout" configuration option is probably least desirable; if you use this setting, Insure++ messages and banners (symbol_banner, report_banner, etc.) may interfere with the normal HTTP output.

How do you prevent Insure++ from writing banners to standard error?

By default, Insure++ writes certain banners to standard error. These banners can cause problems for CGI programs, so we recommend that you disable them for CGI programs. To disable banners, use the following configuration options:

insure++.report_banner off
insure++.coverage_banner off
insure++.exit_on_error_banner off
insure++.symbol_banner off
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