Request from File and Response to Queue

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Hi All,

We have got a requirement that request file has to be read/taken from folder location & based on few fields it should send response to PUT queue.

ie Request from file location & response to Queues(IBM MQ)

Is that possible to do using Parasoft?



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    Suggest me how to accommodate & achieve this please

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    In short:

    Stub will read files(One Format) in the source path and generate MQ message in another format in destination Queue

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    Take a look at the File Event Listener on marketplace. Using that custom extension you can be notified of when a file is created and then take some action. Or the File Transfer Listener could also be used if you need to watch a file and wait for it to finish being written too, similar to FTP.

    In either case the responder can then read the file and a chained messaging client can be used to PUT a message onto MQ. event listener transfer listener

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    Thanks Willam., I will work on the above steps and reach out in case of any issues

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    @ williammccusker

    I tried the same & it works fine in local directory in my HVD(Windows). But the requirement is the files has to be taken from Linux directories. We access those input file via WinSc.

    Do we have any options to listen those files?

    Path example is like


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    Then use native Client for NFS on MS Windows to mount remote, Linux, folder on local machine with MS Windows.
    Or use SFTP client to get list of the files from Linux machine, and transfer if needed to local machine.

    Ireneusz Szmigiel

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    Hi Ireneusz,

    But the requirement is to keep run the Virtual server to pick the files whenever it loaded in that location. If I create SFTP client to transfer the file then it will not keep checking the location & transfer the files right?

    Correct me if I am wrong

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    If you mount the remote directory to the local machine those custom extension can then listen to the mounted directory for any new/modified files. If that is not possible it may be easier to work directly with support on this issue so that we can better understand your use case and more quickly provide you with solutions.

    A ticket can be create via [email protected]

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