How to create a traffic file for CSV request response pairs?

I'm new to virtualize and I am struggling with correlating csv requests to responses. My wish is to correlate a request to a request/response pair in some sort of dataset/repository.

Or correlate a piece of the request to a piece of the response. i.e. Request contains customer id along with other data and response contains customer id along with other customer data. M


  • williammccuskerwilliammccusker Posts: 392 ✭✭

    What kind of payloads are you sending? xml, json, other? If you have a sample of the response payload you should be able to put that into a responder and then using a csv data source populate the payload so it is parameterized.

  • SteveGarabedianSteveGarabedian Posts: 4

    I should have provided samples and transport method. The transport is TCP sockets. I have a message client in SOATest driving a request. Where T65407557 is the correlating value between the request response. Only a portion of the correlation field in the request is in the response. Need to use substring perhaps?

    Sample Request
    @0DR1546^2808156101^^^@[email protected]+00001^CUSINF^^^^@[email protected]^@[email protected]@[email protected] Response
    DR1546^2808156101^ ^ ^ -±0041^CUSINF^^^^ T65407557^I^SMITH,JOHN,VAN^01201954^M^N^STREET^^CITY^STATE^ZIP^^CHESTERFIELD^^^^^^^04/01/18^^N^ '

  • williammccuskerwilliammccusker Posts: 392 ✭✭

    Hi Steve,

    Yes either a custom correlation to do the substring or a custom message format or maybe a data model could be used. The custom message format or data model would allow mapping the tcp request into a xml structure that might make it easier to work with but those options could be more effort.

    Without those I you will have to put in a literal response and manually parameterize it. I would recommend contacting support so they can help you more directly with your specific use case.

    If you are already Parasoft Customer, please create a support ticket via

  • SteveGarabedianSteveGarabedian Posts: 4

    Thanks for your help!! I will contact Parasoft Customer support.

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