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please how can i download jtest in my eclipse IDE

segedenny Posts: 1

please how can i download jtest in my eclipse IDE


  • MichaelC
    MichaelC Posts: 28 admin

    Hello @segedenny,

    Can you answer the following questions?
    1. What OS are you currently using?
    2. What version of Jtest you're looking to install?
    3. What version of Eclipse are you currently using?
    4. Do your current testing environment met the requirement for to install and run Jtest on your IDE?

    Please refer to the following link to ensure that your current environment is supported by Jtest.

    Jtest 10.4.2 Prerequisities:

    You will need a copy of Jtest on your current machine to install Jtest. If you haven't done so already log in to Parasoft Customer Portal and go to Product & Licenses located at the top left of the page and fill out the necessary information within the Download section of the page.

    Click on Download to obtain the Jtest zip file.

    Parasoft Customer Portal:

    Steps to install Jtest on Eclipse:
    1. Open your Eclipse IDE
    2. Go to Help -> Install New Software.
    3. Click on Add then select click on Archive in the next pop-up window

    4. Point to the Jtest Eclipse integration zip file found within ${JTEST_HOME}/integration/eclipse

    5. Type Jtest in the name catergory and select Add
    6. Click on the Box next to Parasoft Jtest then click on the arrow to ensure that all of the necessary components are ready to install.
    7. Select Finish
    8. Allow Eclipse to install the necessary packages then restart your IDE when prompted.

    For additional help please refer to our official documentation: