Working with Wind River Workbench in command line

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We use. Parasoft with jenkins therefore we work in command line. For working with Wind River Workbench project how should we proceed?



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    Hi @fatmanur61,

    Are you planning to use static analysis or dynamic analysis (Unit Testing, Application monitoring, etc...)? There is an example Speed sensor project that you can for testing purpose. It can be found within ${CPPTEST_HOME}/examples/Embedded/WindRiver/Workbench {VERSION}.X/SpeedSensor. This directory contains some simple example Unit Tests and Stubs for your convenience. Attached is a README that contains information on some of the C++test test configuration that can be used on the project.

    WindRiver 4.X Documentation:

    WindRiver 3.X Documentation:

    Example cpptestcli command line:

    Static Analysis via cpptestcli:

    cpptestcli -data /PATH/TO/WORKSPACE -resource /SpeedSensor/SpeedSensor.c -config "builtin://Recommended Rules"

    Unit Testing via Cpptestcli:

    cpptestcli -data /PATH/TO/WORKSPACE -resource /SpeedSensor/tests/TestSuite_SpeedSensor.c -config "builtin://Run Unit Tests"

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