How to chain/reference/reuse TST files in CTP

I was wondering if it was possible to chain/reference TST files within CTP. I have looked through the forum and documentation, but unsure if this is possible or not as I have not found anything matching my searches (Reference TST, Call TST, Reuse TST).

For something like a login request that is needed by a number of other TST files, can we simply create a single login TST file, and call that TST from a second TST, and receive the results of the first test, before proceeding with the current one?

Simple Example:
login.tst - gets login info or actually logs user into website, depending on tst type.

Call to login.tst to get user reference data
Capture user data
Post to change password for user
Call to Call to login.tst to get user reference data using new login info
Verify user data same as initial request (except password, if returned in response)


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