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Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize 9.10.7 and the Continuous Testing Platform 3.1.3 Released

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Today we released the latest version of our functional testing tools today, and they are jam packed full of exiting new features to enable comprehensive test automation!

The released versions are:
Parasoft SOAtest 9.10.7
Parasoft Virtualize 9.10.7
Continuous Testing Platform 3.1.3

Core product enhancements

In these releases we have focused on 3 critical areas of software testing:

  • Removing the biggest bottleneck in testing — test data — with a radical new approach to test data management
  • Service virtualization in support of state transition testing, with something we call "stateful virtualization"
  • Aggregating functional test results across your entire SDLC for a personalized and total view of quality, through Parasoft’s reporting and analytics dashboard

As with every release we have added many additional customer enhancements and you can read all about them in the release notes.
Release Notes

But, for fun here are some highlights

Customer Feedback enhancements

  • Deploy tests from desktop to remote server

    • You can now add SOAtest servers to your SOAtest desktop UI. You can also drag-and-drop test cases to the services to deploy
  • Support KeyStore properties file

    • To easily share KeyStore settings, ​you can now define an external key store file that will hold of your security configuration information and then leverage that in your test cases
  • Easily identify which responder/ Datasource correlation is in use

    • We have now made it easier to visualize which responder and data source correlation is currently enabled without having to dig into the individual fields
  • CURL commands for common actions can be auto generated

    • To simplify integration into cloud platforms, the continuous testing platform now has the ability to dynamically generate CURL commands for common actions such as
    • Provisioning a virtual environment
    • Executing a job
    • Generating test data
    • Importing a data snapshot
    • You can then simply embed those curl commands in your build pipelines and invoke the functions as a part of your continuous testing strategy

New Tools for your toolbox

In addition to our customer focused enhancements we’ve added two new native tools to our expansive visual tooling system.

JSON Validator

This new tool allows you to validate the schema of your JSON requests and responses. It will automatically infer the resource type from the service definition and can be added to Parasoft virtualize to check incoming requests conform to the schema before responding

Data Repository CRUD Tool

In support of stateful virtualization we have added a new tool that can now be attached to your existing virtual services to help you manage even the most complicated stateful transactions without having to write a single line of code. The tool communicates through our test data ecosystem so you do not need to set up an external database. We also make complicated workflows easier like creating a new row if you are unable to update a record and managing the updating of hierarchical lists.

Support for Open JDK

Parasoft SOAtest and Parasoft Virtualize now support OpenJDK

Want access to the release

All of the installers are available on the customer portal

Want more information

You can read more about this release in the release blog available at:
Release Blog