Question about "translation unit" in RuleWizard

zzzzzz Posts: 4

We need to use RuleWizard to creat a new rule.
The thing we want to do is getting all functions in two or more translation units.
Can we do that?
If so, how?
Thank you for reply.


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  • mstaronmstaron Posts: 19

    Currently it is not possible. RuleWizard rules can work only for single translation unit scope.

  • zzzzzz Posts: 4

    Thank you for reply.
    We also want to know that if there are any way to determine if a function is used by other '.c' file.
    If so, Whether this operation can be achieved through RuleWizard.

  • zzzzzz Posts: 4

    Thanks again.
    We will have a try.

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