Check unused code in comment lines

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Hello All,

I have some problems about configing JTest's rules. Could you guys tell me the ways to resolve it.

1. How can I check the old code ( not unused code ) in comment lines.

2. If JTest have rules to test it, pls. tell me the way to config.

3. If JTest have no rule, How can I create rule by rule wizard for check this problem ( If you have *.rule files that can test something like this problem Could you please tell me the wat to create or send it to me ).

Thanks for everything,


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    The 'Old code' can not be checked.
    It is not possible to use the Rulewizard to create a rule that will check this code.

    If you really wanted to check these old code, you can uncomment them and check it.
    That is the only way to check it.
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