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How many variables can be passed to bitbucket script from jenkins

vparasoft Posts: 1

Hi Have a build(Execute shell) script on jenkins that calls like this
** whoami
cd /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/TEST/scripts
bash $ENV $HST $CMP_BLD $VER $CA $CB $CC $A1 $A2 $B1 $B2 $C1 $C2**

But when running this job , I am only getting the values till A1 and A2 , and rest of the variables are getting wrong values to it, when I ran this job.


  • Matt Love
    Matt Love Posts: 92 admin

    Check that the value substituted in for $A2 doesn't have any special characters that would terminate the command line, such as ; | < >. There should be no limit on how many variables you can pass to the script, but the total length of the command line will be limited by the operating system.