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Generate a Report from Persistent Violations for Static Analysis

choner22 Posts: 15

When I run Static Analysis over my code base using Eclipse, any violations that pop up will be listed under Quality Tasks. Under the Configuration Running tab (or view), at the conclusion of the run, it states how many quality tasks were found, gives me the progress bar, and then at the bottom allows me to generate a report.

If I were to close Eclipse at this point without generating a report, and then re-open Eclipse, all of the violations that were found in the run still show up in the Quality Tasks View. However, the "results" from the last run and the button to "proceed" to generate the report are no longer there. Is there a way to retroactively download all quality tasks listed in the GUI even though the run that generated them is no longer available?


  • MichaelC
    MichaelC Posts: 28 admin

    Hello @choner22,

    It's possible that a report.xml file is still within your workspace. If you can locate it within your workspace. The location of your cached report file is within ${CPPTEST_WORKSPACE}/.cpptest/.dtpengine/session_${YYYYMMDD}_${HHMMSS}/reports. You will see a report.xml file if your cached session folder isn't empty.

    Ideally, your session directory will be filled with the following:

    After Running a Test Configuration click on the Report & Publish icon at the top left of the Test Configuration view. In the Report Location section of the page point to the location of the cached report.xml to have C++test convert the file into an html file or other file type based on your Report preferences.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.