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Dtp publish

fatmanur61 Posts: 82

I run some unit test via jtest and then I want to publish result of coverage to dtp. Therefore I create a project in dtp for this purpose. But ı take a warning which is shown in attached screen shot. I think there is a problem. Because when I open the project in dtp ı can not show any published result



  • Andrey Madan
    Andrey Madan Posts: 388 ✭✭✭

    It appears that you are trying to publish from JTest IDE Plugin. IDE plugin normally is enabled with a Desktop license, which does not enable you to publish to DTP. In established automated workflows publishing to DTP is done by the build server executing unit tests from a command line with automation license enabled. What you need to do is to execute Unit Tests in a context of command line and enable publishing to DTP following this guide:
    If that does not work - then contact support.

  • fatmanur61
    fatmanur61 Posts: 82

    Yes we are trying to publish from JTest IDE Plugin. But I achieved to publish to DTP from C++Test IDE Plugin (For example VS IDE). Why I can not accomplish to publish to DTP from JTest IDE Plugin?

    It is weird. Because DTP Publish situation are ok from for example Visual Studio IDE plugin. But is not possible for Intellij IDE plugin for instance.

  • brian_nuckles
    brian_nuckles Posts: 32 admin
    edited April 2019

    Publishing coverage information from Jtest is not the same process as publishing coverage information from C++test or other Parasoft tools. Coverage information for Jtest products must be collected by intercepting your build system (Ant/Maven/Gradle) and running specific Jtest tasks during compilation. Please take a look at the full process here