maintain Object Properties for UI in separate file and reference it in Browser Playback tool

Is there a way to maintain the object properties (xpaths) for each object in the UI as a separate entity and reference it in browser playback tool so that for any changes in UI properties, it can be modified in this file instead of visiting each test step.


  • Matt LoveMatt Love Posts: 62 admin

    Hi @UK_

    This is possible using a data source like CSV or Excel to maintain all the XPaths in separate columns and reference them from the Browser Playback tool. Even though there is no dropdown to select a parameterized data source column for the XPath in a Browser Playback took, you can use the ${COLUMN} notation for the referenced value to be resolved at runtime.

    Just remember to escape double quote characters in CSV files. For details see

    I am attaching a working example of SOAtest TST and CSV files with UI xpath locators maintained separately.

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    Hey all,

    The link that @Matt Love keeps posting in this thread is not working. Do you have a different link by chance?
    This is @UK_ 's coworker

  • Matt LoveMatt Love Posts: 62 admin

    Hi @UK_
    I'll summarize the information in the link on how to escape characters in CSV.

    • If a value contains a comma, a newline character or a double quote, then the string must be enclosed in double quotes. E.g: "Newline char in this field \n"
    • A double quote must be escaped with another double quote. E.g: "The double quote character "" is offensive."
      You can search on Google for the same information.
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