How do I automatically decode Base 64 encoded

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attachments in SOAPtest?
To automatically decode Base 64 encoded MIME attachments received by the SOAP Client tool, you will need to use the Attachment Handler Tool. To chain an Attachment Handler Tool to one of your SOAP Client tests and use the automatic Base 64 decoding support you can perform the following steps:

1. Right click on your SOAP Client test case and select Add Output> Response> MIME Attachment> Attachment Handler.
2. An Attachment Handler will be chained to your SOAP Client test case. Run the test to populate the Attachment Handler with the expected attachments.
3. Under the Available Attachments section you will see the attachments listed in a table.
4. Under the Base 64 Decode column, select true for the attachments you would like to decode.
5. Now when you right click on the Response MIME Attachment> Attachment Handler node and chain tools to the output of this tool, the attachments will be automatically decoded.
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