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fatmanur61fatmanur61 Posts: 82

I want to analyse my code which is written with Java according to "Java Code Conventions" rules. Does parasoft include "Java Code Conventions" rules? Does parasoft have any option for selecting these rules?


  • TomaszTomasz Posts: 8

    Yes, in Jtest you can find many rules which covers "Java Code Conventions" standard. This standard is no longer actively maintained (last changes was made in 1999) so there is no ready to use configuration, however rules documentation contains links in "references" section which can be helpful.
    You can try to search 'jtest_rules.pdf' against 'codeconventions' pattern.

  • fatmanur61fatmanur61 Posts: 82

    @Tomasz thanks for your answer. For example in c++test have Mısra rules which is a set of rules about mısra and I can easly select this rule set bey one click. Ok you says jtest static part contains many rules of java code Conventions but for selecting all of rules of java code Conventions, I should evaluate many rules in jtest static analysis and I making an effort. It is coastly and time consuming. If you have a set of rules which contains all of rules in java code Conventions, it is very good for us.

  • TomaszTomasz Posts: 8

    As I wrote before we do not have configuration 'Java Code Conventions' however searching across 'manuals\jtest_rules.pdf' against 'codeconventions' allows easily locate rules which refers directly to this standard. Using 'Test Configuration Editor' you can quickly create configuration and review or parameterize available rules.
    To create new configuration please choose from the menu 'Parasoft' > 'Preferences' and then 'Configuration', select 'User' group and create new empty one (right click New > Empty Configuration). By selecting 'Edit' (from context menu) on created configuration you will open browser window with Test Configuration Editor.

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