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Parasoft Jtest 10.4.2 Milestone 2 Build Available Now


Our development teams have been working diligently and have put together a milestone 2 release of Jtest 10.4.2. They have added many great features thus far and are continuing to make our next release even better. The items below are included in this milestone release.

Static Analysis & Security Testing

  • Helps organizations achieve compliance with industry-specific coding guidelines OWASP and CWE for Java.
    -Added new rules and mappings which gives users full support for OWASP Top 10 (including OWASP dependency checker via the security bundle M2).
    -Added new rules and mappings which gives users almost full support for the 2011 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors (24 out of the 25, since 1 weakness can not be tested in Java)
    -Added new rules and mappings which gives users the ability to go beyond the CWE/SANS Top 25 and start to tackle the full CWE list (we try to cover as many as possible from an SA perspective)

Unit Testing

  • Helps users create unit tests for more of the Spring framework by supporting the following Spring types/annotations:

  • Gives users control of the amount of Spring integration testing they want to perform with their unit test by giving the user the ability to generate both regular and Spring tests for a Spring class.

  • Provides users with an easier and cleaner way to inject mocks into their code via the support for Mockito’s @InjectMocks annotation, which is a quick way to increase test coverage in legacy code.
  • Performance improvements allow the user to generate unit tests faster to increase their productivity.
  • Assists users with handling exceptions (NullPointerExceptions & marked exceptions) that occur from test execution via:
    -Advanced debugging
    -Quick-fix actions
    -Recognize expected exceptions as assertions.

  • Automatically adds an object into the collection that Jtest instantiates, during test generation. If mocking is enabled then adds a mocked object, if not then adds an instantiated object.

  • Automatically initializes any inaccessible field that does not have a known setter method, regardless of whether the class is a Spring class or not, during bulk creation. Only initialize fields that are accessed in the method under test.
  • Overall usability and visual improvements to make the workflow easier and enhance the layout of the UI.


  • Adds support for Java 11(partial with this build), which is a LTS (long-term support) version of Java.
  • Adds support for newer versions of Eclipse
    -Eclipse 2018-09 (v4.9)
    -Eclipse 2018-12 (v4.10)