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Parasoft DTP 5.4.2 Milestone 2 Build Available Now

kbhandari Posts: 30 admin
edited August 2019 in Product Announcements

Our development teams have been working diligently and have put together a milestone 2 build of DTP 5.4.2. They have added many great features thus far and are continuing to make our next release even better. The features and enhancements included in this milestone 2 build are listed below.

  • The performance of DTP has been improved and as a result users can now see more than 100K violations in DTP.

  • We have addressed several usability issues:
    -Added the ability to search for items in certain drop-down menus, making it easier for the user to locate specific items.
    -Updated the look and feel of the License Server UI, making it more readable.
    -Updated the layout of the Data Collector Diagnostics widget so that the user can now easily see what data is “processing” vs “processed” vs “error”, further allowing the user to filter based on status and a new drill down report has been added to view more diagnostics data.
    -Added test parameter data to the Test Explorer View, giving the user more details into their testing data.

  • New DTP installations will no longer create the “Empty Project” project.

  • The DTP Enterprise Pack can now be started and stopped via Window Services.

  • The DTP Project Center APIs and services have been completely removed from DTP, along with the deprecation of the GRS data collector.

  • Most of Concerto (9.x) Report Center UI has been completely removed from DTP.

  • Addressed several security vulnerabilities dealing with libraries and user session data.

  • Users can create JIRA issues directly from the Violations Explorer UI, giving them better JIRA integration when triaging violations in DTP. (Prototype)

  • DTP now integrates with Polarion via APIs, making it possible to send test data from DTP into Polarion as part of your automated build process. (Prototype)