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Write Files not working in CTP

UK_ Posts: 22

I am uploading the tst having write files for execution in CTP. When I execute the test case in CTP it is not creating any Write files.
I have tried providing Target directory as a folder in my local machine, and by creating a separate folder in CTP and providing it as target directory. It does not work either way.


  • Matt Love
    Matt Love Posts: 92 admin

    CTP will execute the tst on a remote SOAtest server, therefore it cannot write to a folder in your local machine. Try editing the write file tool in your own SOAtest before uploading to CTP and set the target directory to ${project_loc} and check the box to persist as relative path. Or if you want to edit the write file tool directly in CTP then set the target directory to /TestAssets

    After you execute the tst in CTP you should refresh the SOAtest server (top node in the tree inside CTP) and the written file should appear in the tree. You can then view the contents of the file in the browser or download the file from CTP to your local machine.