Error reading test log for Test unit for selected sources.

fatmanur61fatmanur61 Posts: 76
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I build my unit test from eclipse base ide ds5 (Build test executable - generic embedded system ) then ı take ' test log for Test unit for selected sources' error. How can I Solve this problem?

Could you give me quickly answer?




  • Bogdan CzwartkowskiBogdan Czwartkowski Posts: 107 admin

    Hi @fatmanur61 ,
    Unfortunately, the screen shots do not give us needed information to be able to feel what is happening. We would need to know more about your exact project configuration, details of host-target connection, console output, and so on. There are many details of host-target configuration that we need to know. We also reviewed the other couple screen shots from your support thread about DS-5 integration, again, the information there is very limited.

    We will contact you within support today with next steps, but unless we can get full diagnostics, the only reasonable approach is remote session.

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