Merging test coverage status across tests in different projects

wsuberswsubers Posts: 7

We have source files in a common library project that contain functions called by source code in other projects but we only have Integration Tests for Project A and Project B:
Project CommonLib – contains a function common(int c)
Project A – contains a function a() that calls common(0)
Project B – contains a function b() that calls common(1)
Project A_IT – contains an “integration” test suite that calls function a()
Project B_IT – contains an “integration” test suite that calls function b()

void common(int c)
if(1 == c)
return 1;
return 0;

By only running the test suites in Project A_IT and Project B_IT, we want to show 100% coverage of a() and b() and common(). Is this possible? If yes, what is the workflow for this?


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